Live Bait....We Trap Our Own!

“Live bait is trapped by the owner" which separate’s Nestor Falls Bait and Tackle from the rest of the crowd.  Our many bait-harvesting areas, which are trapped daily by our trappers, is your guarantee that you are fishing with the freshest live bait money can buy.

Remember….Your best chance for the catch of a lifetime is with “fresh-trapped” live bait. All our live bait is stored in huge tanks filled with a constant flow of spring water. To be absolutely certain that you arrive at your destination with ‘lively’ bait, we fill your bag of minnows with oxygen, and offer ice at no charge.

Fresh Bait in Every Variety
Nestor Falls Bait and Tackle also stocks frozen ciscoes, frozen suckers, frozen shiners, and live Canadian night crawlers. For you Musky fisherman out there, who prefer live bait over artificial, we have fresh trapped Suckers available in all sizes.

Wholesale and Bulk Orders Welcome
We recommend calling ahead with bulk orders for suckers over 12". All of our live bait is available in bulk for groups and camps at a discount.  Please call or contact us for more information.