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Lac Seul NW 503 W
Lac Seul NW 503 W
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Provincial Licences for Hunting and Fishing for 2017                                                         

Non-Resident Fishing
Outdoors Card  $9.68
Three-Year Sport Fishing Licence Tag            $249.81
Three-Year Conservation Fishing Licence Tag   $154.96
One-Year Sport Fishing Licence Tag               $83.27
One-Year Conservation Fishing Licence Tag                       $51.65
One-Day Sport Fishing Licence Tag               $23.01
Eight-Day Sport Fishing Tag                         $53.54
Eight-Day Conservation Fishing Tag              $30.53

Non-Resident Hunting
Outdoors Card               $9.68
Moose                       $483.48
Black Bear                 $241.61
One-Year Small Game     $120.93
Three-Year Small Game   $362.80
Deer                     $241.61
Wolf/Coyote Seal          $272.41      

Ontario Resident Fishing
Outdoors Card                                  $9.68
Three-Year Sport Fishing Tag              $88.38
Three-Year Conservation Fishing Tag    $50.24
One-Year Sport Fishing Licence Tag      $29.46
One-Year Conservation Fishing Tag       $16.75
One-Day Sport Fishing Licence Tag       $13.51

Canadian Resident Fishing
Outdoors Card                                            $9.68
Three-year Sport Fishing Licence Tag             $165.47
Three-year Concervation Fishing Licence Tag   $98.07
One-year Sport Fishing Licence Tag                $55.16
One-year Conservation Fishing Licence Tag      $32.69
One Day Sport Fishing Licence Tag                 $13.51

Ontario Resident Hunting
Small Game        $25.15
3yr. small game  $75.46
Deer                  $48.43
Moose            $55.70
Black Bear      $48.43
Wolf              $11.14
Camping Permit  $10.57

xport Permit       $35.00

Remember, You Need A Fishing Licence
In order to fish in Ontario, most visitors require a fishing licence/outdoors card.  To read more please click here to visit the Government Regulations Website.

Remember, You Need a Licence to Hunt in Canada
There are some regulations that you must follow if you are hunting in Ontario, you can access the Provincial regulation site by clicking here  This site, has a download for all of the different regulations for hunting game in North Western Ontario.

This following link is a government site that lays out firearm laws for crossing the border, you can access this site by clicking here

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