Hunting for Big and Small Game

Hunting in North Western Ontario means that you'll be walking in pure, unspoiled wilderness for thousands of miles in all directions.  Our lakes, rivers, streams and forest are teaming with wildlife just waiting for the outdoor sportsman to spend time hunting and fishing. 

When you come to Nestor Falls Bait and Tackle, you will discover we sell a large selection of hunting gear and outdoor hunting and camping equipment. Our high rate of customer satisfaction is based on years of selling quality equipment that holds up under heavy use, necessary in the rugged terrain of the Canadian outdoors.

There are many different types of game for you to hunt.  Black Bear, White Tail deer, moose and small game such as wolf, grouse and duck.  This wide selection of wild life makes for an exciting hunting adventure deep in the bush. 

Remember, You Need a Licence to Hunt in Canada
There are some regulations that you must follow if you are hunting in Ontario, you can access the Provincial regulation site by clicking here  This site, has a download for all of the different regulations for hunting game in North Western Ontario.

This following link is a government site that lays out firearm laws for crossing the border, you can access this site by clicking here